Apr 21, 2006

Secret Acts

Do you pee in the pool? Do you pick your nose? Do you THROW YOUR ALREADY CHEWED GUM ON THE GROUND? What do you do when no one is looking? Here in Arizona, I'm pretty sure everyone throws their gum on the ground. Not in a trash can and not with a wrapper, but they just spit it plain out on the ground. Why do I know this? Because in the last month I've stepped on gum at least 3 times, with my brand new sandals no less, and the boys have stepped on it with their cleats at least twice.

That means I have to scrape off this goo, that was in SOMEONE ELSE'S MOUTH, and try not to touch it. Have you ever had to do that with cleats? Then I have to get out my putrid Goo Gone to get off the remaining sticky mess and try not to inhale enough of it to get a headache.

So...Do you pee in the pool? Do you pick your nose? Do you THROW YOUR ALREADY CHEWED GUM ON THE GROUND? Well, just remember, even if no one is looking, God is watching you. And I'm not sure about the first 2, but I'm pretty sure the gum thing is a SIN.

Apr 16, 2006

Easter Weekend

Our Easter Weekend started on Friday with the boys out of school We went to see a movie - Ice Age 2. On Saturday, I went to church in the morning to help decorate, then Kent, Kurt, and Wyatt dyed eggs. Now, as you can see, we dyed one, and only one dozen eggs, because, well, we don't actually eat them. In fact, in a few days, I'll let the boys take one last look at their artwork and then throw them away. Yes, I admit it, we only do it for fun...and for pictures. Easter_2006_dying_eggs Easter_2006_dye_cups_2 Easter_2006_dyed_eggs_1 After that, I decided to make a bunny cake. My mom always made bunny cakes for Easter (and when I talked to her today, she had again made one today) and I thought the boys would like one of their own. I couldn't find a pattern, so I had to go based on memory of how my mom had done it when I was a child. Easter_2006_bunny_cake I had to kind of make do with what we had, and I'm no Bree Van De Kamp, but it turned out OK. We did have trouble finding the right thing for the eyes...Kent kept saying they looked "freaky." They still aren't perfect, but they were satisfied.

Kent and Kurt had their best friend over today and I saw Kurt take Brenden over to look at the cake and exclaim "My mom made this without ANY instructions!" LOL...made it all worth it. :)

This morning we got up early for the boys to get their baskets (no photos will be shown because then you will find out how indulgent I am with the boys) and do the egg hunt. There was no question on whether Grant was too old or not! Easter_2006_the_boys_1

Once the main festivities were out of the way, we all went our merry ways. That is, until DH decided today would be a perfect day to clean the GARAGE!! I've been wanting his help doing that for months (I'm too scared of scorpions to do it by myself....although we didn't find any, luckily), so I seized the opportunity! It will be nice going out to the car in the morning without a fear of tripping over something and breaking my ankle. As we were cleaning, we came across our VHS videos. We decided a few months ago to get rid of ALL of them...several hundred when you count the kid videos. I hate throwing stuff like that out, so I painstakingly went through all of them to package them up for possible sale at a 2nd hand toy store and for giving away to charity. Right now the back end and 3rd row seat of the Sequoia are full of them. Hopefully someone will appreciate them...those kid videos were well-loved.

We ended the day with a barbeque of steaks and pork chops. No traditional ham for this family. Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!

Apr 12, 2006


SOMEone has been bugging me to update my blog. Nothing too blog-worthy to write, so just a few ramblings...

- Baseball season is in full-swing. Sunburns by day, and peanuts by night.

- You know what's good about having a messy scraproom? I can put Easter presents just in plastic bags right on the floor and no one will look in them because they just figure it's more junk in my room.

- Looking forward to the Easter Vigil Mass this Saturday. It's a 3 hour service and I just love it. When the boys were younger, we would take 2 cars and DH would take the little ones home after about an hour. Now I make everyone stay for the whole thing. It's my favorite service of the whole year. And going on Saturday night frees us up for the Easter Bunny the next morning!

Apr 2, 2006

Irony and a Birthday

Today is Grant's 14th birthday. But let's backtrack just a bit...one year ago...this happened: Granthand broken left hand from a trampoline. Happened the week before his 13th birthday. This week, the week before his 14th birthday, this happened: Grantbday6_sm_1 broken left wrist. The irony? Well, remember this post? I was worried sick about Grant getting hurt playing tackle football. So how did this new break happen? Playing TOUCH football at school. And now he can't play tackle football. Ironic, isn't it? Fortunately, it's a minor break and the doctor allowed him to just wear a splint and for only 3 weeks. Boys will be boys...3 breaks in this family so far...and counting... (Oh, and no snickering about the lame "14" candle where the "1" and the "4" totally don't match and that they are actually sitting on brownies and not a cake. It's the thought that counts."