Mar 12, 2009

The Art Pot

This year at Kent and Kurt's elementary school, we are doing an Art Pot fundraiser. Each class in the school has to decorate some kind of pot and then it will be raffled off at the spring social in April.

I volunteered to head up Kent and Kurt's class' pot and chose to do a recycled/found object art piece with a garden theme. Their class is known as the Broncos because their teacher rides horses. So we decided to call it Broncos' Good Luck Garden with additions of old rusted horseshoes.

It started off as a galvanized bucket purchased at Lowe's. Then I added metal painted various shades of green to act as stems, grass, greenery, etc. Kurt and I then created lots of various pieces and took all of it into the classroom. The kids then all decorated and painted the flowers and insects in any way they wanted, and glued them onto the stems. I told them we were going for a worn, rusted look, and that the painting could be as messy as they wanted. They did SUCH a great job! I never would have come up with the designs they did. The result was a wonderful, whimsical, colorful (and heavy!) pot in which the winner of it can plant something or use it indoors as a basket.

When we were all done, I had the students all sign their names on the bottom of the artists always sign their work!