Jul 18, 2008


Gosh darn it...I said I wouldn't do it. Ever. But dangit if Libby didn't get me started just because she has this fancy new job at Sweet Shoppe Designs.

First of all, after a hiatus of about a year from scrapping, trying to get over all the professional stuff I was involved in that almost ruined scrapping for me...I finally started up again this summer. I think I've been able to get back to the joy of just scrapping as a hobby, and for me, for the right reasons. My goal for the summer was to get 4 Athlete albums done for the boys with all their sports photos in them. Turns out that was a lofty goal. I did finish Wyatt's though and it's over 40 pages (OK, a few pages were already done)! I went with the KISS strategy, but I'm very pleased with my pages. What a RELIEF to use whatever supplies I wanted and not have to worry about whether it was "fresh and new" enough for ANYthing.

So in the middle of this...along comes Libby who tempts me with digi. I give it a try and so far I'm loving it. I've only done 6 pages, but it makes so much sense to me to do Kent and Kurt's pages this way so I can just swap out the photos and print them twice!

For their Athlete albums, I will just combine paper and digi scrapping and be OK with it. Their professional sports pictures will be done on paper and the snapshots will be done digi. Somehow I'll make it work!

Here are a few1st_time_playing_soccer_kent_sm of the pages and I think I'll start a photo album with just digi pages.

New_game_copy_sm Pterodactyls_copy_sm_2

Sorry, no trendy white-space pages for me! I like my pages FILLED with photos! :)