Jun 28, 2007

We have steel!

We got the rebar/steel put in last week. We've spent this week waiting for an inspection to get ironed out. Had to play a bit of the squeaky (throwing in a little whiny with it) wheel to get it done. Tomorrow we get shotcrete (concrete that is sprayed into the pool)! I'll be taking lots of photos of the process...probably from the window. I certainly don't want my camera to get sprayed with concrete! Well, me either, for that matter. ;)

Jun 15, 2007

We have a hole!

So pool construction finally began this past week. It took 2 days to dig it and what fun we had watching! The boys (even Grant) got a kick out of the excavator and the bobcats - what boy wouldn't? The entire outside of the house is covered with a layer of dirt. Yuck.

I've been taking photos (of course) from before we even started doing anything to the yard, so I've posted a few of them in the Building a Pool photo album over to the right.

Plumbing was done today. Steel work will be next week. Yippee!


Jun 10, 2007

Summer so far...

The boys got out of school on May 25th. We bought a Wii on May 28th. That was their reward for doing so well in school this year. Wyatt brought home straight A's again, Grant retained his #1 ranking in his Freshman class by bringing home straight A's too. And Kent and Kurt still got straight checkmarks! So glad they get regular grades next year.

Grant started summer school (he is taking his 2nd semester of PE to get it out of the way) on May 30. He came home with a jammed right hand. Passing League for football started on May 31. He came home with a "messed up" left wrist. June 1 found us at the nearest Urgent Care finding out that he broke his left wrist and his right pinkie. Oy. Yes, 3rd year in a row for a break on the left arm appendage somewhere.

We were all heartbroken and bummed. Grant's physical activity schedule for the summer was intense. Five hours a day for PE, plus working out in the weight room (required attendance for football), speed training twice a week, and passing league once a week for 3 hours. Monday, June 4th (do you like all the dates? I want to be sure you stay focused here...), we went to the ortho. The wrist got casted (is that a word?), the pinkie was OK. I was able to get permission for Grant to continue in PE with limited participation, but no-go on the football activities, so he is out for 3 weeks. We are all surviving.

In other news...we are putting in a pool! Yes, we've lived in this house for many years, in the Arizona hell-heat, with no pool to jump into and refresh ourselves after coming home from our heat-stressed trip to the grocery store...or walk to the mail box. We couldn't get our act together early enough to get it scheduled to be finished in time for summer, so we just elected to be under construction during the summer months. Yes, we love having dirt and dust blown into our house in the depths of the summer heat. Anyway, we are hoping it gets done...just in time for the boys to start back to school! Yay. Heh. Actually, it might get completed before that, so we are crossing our fingers. But not holding our breath.

With a few movies, many play dates, and lots of Wii...that's been our summer so far.