Jun 12, 2008

sneaking in...

Shame on me...I haven't even looked at this blog for months, yet alone actually posted on it, so imagine my surprise when it was blank! I thought it always just showed the last post, but who knows.

So just a quick hi to the air around here as I'm sure no one is reading this anymore. Life is busier than ever. I'm working 3/4 time for TJFormal with my sister Roanna as my boss, and still running Lemon Oak Studio - Etsy Shop with sister Tricia as my partner. SO much fun being able to stay in such close contact with my sisters who are 1300 miles away.

A rundown of happenings:

  • Grant is driving! And so far I haven't had a nervous breakdown
  • I retired from doing the yearbook and took the job of Co-President of the PTO (much easier!)
  • Kent and Kurt had perfect attendance at school this past year (yes, both of them!)
  • Wyatt just got done playing tackle football for the first time - he loved it
  • The boys are out for the summer and we are just taking it easy and enjoying the pool

My sis Roanna and her beau Bill, plus her daughter Regan and her beau Andy all came to visit the end of May. We drove up to Sedona Sedona_may_242008_blog and it was cold, but oh so beautiful!!

I'll leave with a fun photo of Kent and Kurt - each year our school has the 3rd grade do a Wax Museum and the students have to pick a historical figure to research and then dress up as them and give a speech. Kurt selected General Douglas MacArthur and Kent selected General George Patton. They were a big hit at the museum! Here's my 2 generals:

Wax_museum1_sm Wax_museum2_sm