Mar 20, 2007

Long time no update

It always makes me nervous when someone links to my blog from theirs and I haven't updated mine for so long! Ack! Just been really busy...scrapbooking stuff and yearbook stuff and kid stuff and work know...that kind of stuff.

Anyway, so since both Kitty and Karen linked to mine, I thought I'd better at least let everyone know I'm alive.

And since they were both posting about AI...I might as well say I'm watching it and kind of enjoying it. I do miss Season 5, however. I don't really have a favorite yet, which is very odd for me, but much, much healthier! I like Blake, and hometown girl Jordin, and I even like Haley and Phil. I predict Stephanie goes home this week. I'm bored with Melinda and have been bored with Lakisha for a long time. Gina is OK, Chris S. is OK...don't like nasally Chris R. much, but he can stay awhile.

I thought this week - British Invasion (I have to put that in case I don't update until, like, well, final 2 or something...) was really good and I can't wait to download the studio versions of these songs at the AI site this week! Loved many of the songs (Melinda and Lakisha = *coughcopoutscough*)

In other Larson news...Little League baseball has started up for us again. Went to the first scrimmage for Wyatt last night and loved it. Can't wait until we start real games next week! Wyatt is in Majors and a Ranger and Kent and Kurt (normally, I'd just put K&K, but in this post, you might think I'm referring to Kitty and Karen ;) ) are doing Farm League again and are once again the Mets.

Grant is doing track at school. He chose to do pole-vaulting (I think because then he doesn't have to run much). I do have to say it's fun watching him do it :Grant_pv

And that's about it for us. Spring is upon us, the tortoises are awake and back in their pen and flip-flops are on my feet. Yay!

Oh, and a quick update...I've finished the first 4 Harry Potter books. I just couldn't put them down! I'm trying to hold off on 5 and 6 for a while, but as when a new HP book comes out...I really can't wait to read them! Maybe I'll watch the first 4 movies first.