Dec 14, 2005

A stolen bike...

Grant got his bike stolen today. He rode to meet his friends at Taco Bell, about 1/4 mile away. They all parked their bikes out front and went into eat. Only his was stolen. *sigh* He bought that bike with his own money so it's definitely a lesson-learned..."that lock is on your bike for a reason." I couldn't really even get mad at him since losing his bike is a big punishment. And we've already bought him so much stuff for Christmas...big, expensive stuff, that we really can't justify a new bike. So we'll have to think about that. Guess someone will have a merry Christmas...sure hope that bike is given to some child who has never had one.
I'm sad I don't have a photo of him on the very first bike he ever bought. As kids get older, you forget to photograph that type of thing. Or at least I do...and did.