Aug 8, 2009

Denver, Colorado

For summer vacation, we took a quick trip to Denver to visit Greg's sister Marlys. Despite the long drive, it was a great trip! Marlys and Ed live in downtown Denver and we loved being able to walk anywhere downtown. Free buses run up and down the main corridor so you just hop on and off whenever you want.

The first day we went to the Denver Aquarium, which Kent and Kurt especially loved.

We also took a drive up to Winter Park to do their summer activities - a 3000 foot long alpine slide, plus a ski lift to the very top of the mountain, and a few other activities. It was nice and cool and we thoroughly enjoyed doing something fresh and new.

We were very close to some of the professional sports complexes too.

Vacation was over too fast though, and soon we were back on the road...leaving the cool mountains for the hot desert.