Apr 29, 2007

...I'm happy I'm a scrapbooker/crafter/hoarder. Today was bug habitat day. And lucky me, I got to oversee TWO of them, not just one. And double-lucky me that one of them has scorpions and snakes in it. Only double-NOT.

So Kent and Kurt chose an insect, or in Kurt's case, an arachnid, about which they had to research, write a report, and create a habitat.

Kent chose the mosquito - one of the worst insects to deal with where I used to live...humid Missouri. Bug_habitat_mosquito_3 The habitat had to have some of the food chain, so as you can see, the bat is there to eat the mosquitos, and the mosquitos are drinking nectar from the flowers. Kent says mosquitos are mostly nocturnal so of course it had to be night time.

And Kurt chose the scrorpion, THE worst creature to deal with where I live now...Arizona. Bug_habitat_scorpion_3 Did you know that corpions can eat snakes and snakes can eat scorpions? All together now: EEEEEWWWWWWWW!" We used burlap to represent sand - much less messy. And of course, being a house of all boys, it wasn't tough to come by some snakes and scorpions, as well as a beetle for a snack.

Putting these together gave me my Reason #159 (or something like that)...while my friends were out spending lots of money for materials for these habitats, I'm proud to say that I spent under 8 bucks, only for the real cacti. I had everything else in my stash. This is also the reason that I refuse to get rid of my ancient Making Memories letter stickers (have them in every color!), and any papers that look realistic, even if neither of them will ever have a chance to grace one of my scrapbook pages. I'm also grateful for my "experiementation" phases of scrapbooking so I own things such as the glass bubble marbles and the silk flowers, as well as my other hobbies where I picked up things such as burlap and smooth rocks.

This started out as something I was dreading...I actually had to touch those fake snakes and scorpions and they gave me the willies. But having all the fun supplies to create it, including the tools to put it together: spray paint, stapler, and GLUE DOTS; made it so easy we all 3 ended up enjoying it.

Just a note: I'm way overdue in putting up baseball photos, so I'll get to that in the next few days. The season is flying by and we had our first really hot day game yesterday. One hundred degrees and counting!