Jul 20, 2009

Football Camp #2

Grant left today for football camp. They go up north about 3 hours to a small town called Snowflake. It's much cooler up there for their 4 practices a day schedule. Grant really dreads going. It's a lot of hard work, plus the food is terrible. And that's not just according to Grant.

So yesterday we went shopping for food he can take along. All the boys take quite a bit of food with them because they get hungry between practices and no snacks are provided. He takes 2 duffle bags - one is entirely full of food and Gatorade:

I am very detailed when it comes to packing for camp. The first year he went, I made a list of everything I packed. This year, his friends were asking for the list. :) I just tried to think of every little thing he would need while he was there, because they have no access to a store of any kind. So I work off the small list the coaches provide, my list, then I also make a list of what is in which bag. Since I'm doing the packing, Grant would never find anything if I didn't specifically tell him. Yes, he is spoiled!
Last year when he was gone, we redecorated his room. This year, nothing is planned, and he will be lucky if I even have a chance to clean it! This is his last year, so I hope he at least enjoys being with his friends. :)

Jul 18, 2009

Another era comes to a close...

A significant part of the beginning years of my relationship with Greg took place at his parents' house. Even before we were married, we spent Sundays and all holidays at their house along with his sisters and brothers and their families. We'd swim and grill in summer; and watch football and cook in the winter. After we were married, it didn't change much and definitely after we had children, it didn't change. In fact, since I started telecommuting after I had Grant, Grandma and Grandpa watched him on Thursdays when I had to go into the office. Likewise when Wyatt came along. Many, many memories developed during those years.

When Grandpa passed away, things changed, and that era came to an end. We no longer went over there all that much. Instead, Grandma came to our house and we spent holidays here or at Greg's sister's house. They were still family gatherings, but of a different kind.

Then Grandma moved to assisted living and the house stood empty for a little over a year. Greg took charge of getting it fixed up to sell. Before it sold, however, Grandma passed away. At that time Greg's oldest sister bought the house and it stayed in the family. During the last few years, we didn't spend much time there.

Fast forward to the present and the house is being sold. Today we spent all day helping them move. I wandered the house...feeling all those memories flooding back. It was weird. And sad, too. I took advantage of today and took some pics of my boys, and 2 nephews - all Larsons - on the infamous 50 year old loooooooooong sofa (that remained in the house when my SIL bought it), and on the Brady-Bunch stairs.

The final era is over...

Jul 14, 2009

Football Camp #1

Wyatt started Freshman Football Camp this week. It's 2 hours a night, which wouldn't be such a big deal, if it wasn't so hot out! When I took him over to the high school it was 111 degrees outside. At least for now they are just in t-shirts and shorts!

Wyatt is so different from Grant, who is so quiet about everything. Wyatt comes home from practice full of news and wants to tell us every little thing that happened. I hope that continues as he gets older!

Last night, Mike Pollak of the Indianapolis Colts came to talk to the freshmen. He's an alum of their high school, and Grant had his mom as a math teacher in 8th grade. Mike had already talked to the Varsity team a few days ago. Grant said he answered lots of questions about being on the same team as Peyton Manning!

Wyatt...in his very first Corona Football shirt.

Jul 12, 2009


Summer is more than halfway over! The boys have 4 weeks left before school starts again. Why does it have to go so fast? We've had Roanna and her family visiting, summer school for Wyatt (PE!), football practice for Grant, weight room for both Grant and Wyatt, Grandma visiting, and now we are down to football camps.

Kent and Kurt are still around, but they took the summer off from activities. They've spent a lot of time in the pool and hanging out with friends. In fact, we've had a revolving door for friends for all of the boys!

School will be here before we know it...maybe I'll be ready by that time to have the boys out of the house. But for now...I'm enjoying having them home and wish summer was longer...