Jul 20, 2009

Football Camp #2

Grant left today for football camp. They go up north about 3 hours to a small town called Snowflake. It's much cooler up there for their 4 practices a day schedule. Grant really dreads going. It's a lot of hard work, plus the food is terrible. And that's not just according to Grant.

So yesterday we went shopping for food he can take along. All the boys take quite a bit of food with them because they get hungry between practices and no snacks are provided. He takes 2 duffle bags - one is entirely full of food and Gatorade:

I am very detailed when it comes to packing for camp. The first year he went, I made a list of everything I packed. This year, his friends were asking for the list. :) I just tried to think of every little thing he would need while he was there, because they have no access to a store of any kind. So I work off the small list the coaches provide, my list, then I also make a list of what is in which bag. Since I'm doing the packing, Grant would never find anything if I didn't specifically tell him. Yes, he is spoiled!
Last year when he was gone, we redecorated his room. This year, nothing is planned, and he will be lucky if I even have a chance to clean it! This is his last year, so I hope he at least enjoys being with his friends. :)

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