Oct 26, 2006

And it's over!

Last game of the football season last night...


We all have mixed emotions about it:

  • sad...that it's over because it was so much fun!
  • grateful...that Grant got to play every game
  • happy...that Grant has more free time
  • relieved...that Grant never got hurt
  • hopeful...that next year will be even better for him.

Number 9 for the final time...



Oct 17, 2006


Ghosts_1_2 How cute are these? Kent and Kurt made these tiny ghosts with Dum-Dums and tissues.

So, October has been busy for us so far. Quick rundown...

  • Baseball, baseball, baseball
  • Soccer, soccer, soccer
  • Football, football, football
  • Flag football got started
  • Wyatt's 12th birthday
  • Fall Break: Zoo, Movies, Board games (my 4 boys and I played a 5 hour Monopoly game one day), sleepovers, and friends, friends, and more friends. The boys went back to school today.

The boys are looking forward to Halloween...and so am I. All the moms walk the neighborhood with the kids (with adult beverages in hand) and we stay out for hours. Last year we had about 50 people traveling together. Not an easy feat!

We only have 2 football games left...Grant is already counting down the number of days of practice remaining. And baseball is winding down. Within a month, we'll be done with everything except flag football (which goes into December). Just in time for me to get started on the school yearbook. :/

If anyone has been hanging with me by continuing to read this blog, I thank you.