Jul 14, 2009

Football Camp #1

Wyatt started Freshman Football Camp this week. It's 2 hours a night, which wouldn't be such a big deal, if it wasn't so hot out! When I took him over to the high school it was 111 degrees outside. At least for now they are just in t-shirts and shorts!

Wyatt is so different from Grant, who is so quiet about everything. Wyatt comes home from practice full of news and wants to tell us every little thing that happened. I hope that continues as he gets older!

Last night, Mike Pollak of the Indianapolis Colts came to talk to the freshmen. He's an alum of their high school, and Grant had his mom as a math teacher in 8th grade. Mike had already talked to the Varsity team a few days ago. Grant said he answered lots of questions about being on the same team as Peyton Manning!

Wyatt...in his very first Corona Football shirt.

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