Apr 12, 2006


SOMEone has been bugging me to update my blog. Nothing too blog-worthy to write, so just a few ramblings...

- Baseball season is in full-swing. Sunburns by day, and peanuts by night.

- You know what's good about having a messy scraproom? I can put Easter presents just in plastic bags right on the floor and no one will look in them because they just figure it's more junk in my room.

- Looking forward to the Easter Vigil Mass this Saturday. It's a 3 hour service and I just love it. When the boys were younger, we would take 2 cars and DH would take the little ones home after about an hour. Now I make everyone stay for the whole thing. It's my favorite service of the whole year. And going on Saturday night frees us up for the Easter Bunny the next morning!

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