Mar 17, 2006

Getting a little organized

It many months ago?...I believe going on THREE, that I tore apart my Scraproom/Office to reorganize it. And it has been excruciatingly slow doing it. But I do have a few things done. Here's a photo of the black Ikea bookcase I got...Black_bookcase the middle row holds clear Ikea boxes lined with Basic Grey paper. The bottom 2 shelves hold canvas bins I got for half price at the grocery store. They only had one green, but I think it works anyway. To the right is my stack of cardstock, with racks from Recollections.

I stored my foam stamps in these over-the-door organizers from QVC (on the left in the photo). I think I have about 10 sets in those pockets, by letter, and there is still room for more. I also still have my old Making Memories stamps on the magnetic boards to the right. Foamstamps_3

After reading The Big Picture (OK, well, I haven't read all of it), I decided to organize my embellishments by color - what an eye-opener that was!! I totally love it. Colorboxes Then I decided to do the same with my ribbon and I unrolled about 90 spools the other day (not done yet) and put those, plus my ribbon from boxes, bags, and vases into these large Ikea glass jars Ribbonjars3 which sit on top of my black bookcase. I'm loving this too! I still have a few more things to do, and someday, I'm sure I will realize this whole venture has been worth it!

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