Mar 11, 2006


We've had 143 consecutive days without rain. The dust and allergens were getting unbearable. But finally, FINALLY, it RAINED!! Rain Today it's been raining all day long and I totally LOVE IT! All of our sports got canceled today...something that would have taken away our whole day. Instead we have had a wonderful, lazy, cozy day inside.

The boys and I went out walking to see how flooded the green belts were and they looked like a lake. The boys were skipping rocks like it was a real lake Newlake (I don't think the gardener who has to mow that grass under that water will be too pleased).

I know, it sounds rather silly, to be excited about rain. But think about it...143 days with NO rain. That's more than 4 months, really almost 5 months! And I know the heat is coming soon...very soon, so I'm just happy to have this one last hurrah of cold and wet, before it becomes hot and dry for 6 or more months.

This begins the boys' spring break. Let's hope having them home for a week, while I'm tied to the computer doing the final 24 yearbook pages, doesn't break me.

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