Jan 11, 2006

Any little boy can be...Pope?

It just so happens that both Grant and Wyatt are studying Rome in school right now. After school Wyatt began to tell us (Kent, Kurt, and I) about Europe and Rome. Here's how the conversation went after some of Wyatt's information:

Kurt: What's Rome?

Me: It's a city in Italy (K&K took an imaginary trip around the world in school in December, so he knew about Italy). The Pope lives there.

Kurt: What's a pope?

Me: Well, we are Catholic and the Pope, there is only one, is the head of the Catholic Church.

Wyatt: He's like a king.

Me: He's not a king.

Kurt: Oh, so he wears a crown?

Me: He's not a king.

Wyatt: So, can any Catholic boy grow up to be Pope? Could I be Pope?

Side note: Do you remember the TV show Family Affair? In one episode, Jody sang a song called "Any little boy can be President" and this comment by Wyatt reminded me of that.

Me: Well, you'd have to be a priest first. Then a bishop, then a cardinal.

Wyatt: OK.

Me: But you can't be married when you are a priest.

Kurt: You mean, if I become a priest, I won't have to get married?

Me: Yes, that's right.

Kurt: YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! But wait, would it be boring?

Wyatt: You get to tell people when to sit and stand in church!


Me: You'd have to help people.

Wyatt: Yeah, you have to help sick people.

Kurt: Uh, then no.

Me: You wouldn't help them like a nurse does, you would just pray for them.


Wyatt: And you would get to read from a book, the Bible.

Kurt: Does it have dinosaurs in it?

Me: No, but it has animals...remember Noah's ark?

Kurt: Oh yeah, but what about dinosaurs?

Kent (who has been listening intently the whole time): Why aren't there dinosaurs in the Bible?

Oy...never mind...

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