Jan 8, 2006

Look what we got today!

No more "Mom, can you open the door?" or "Mom, can you shut the door?" Today, we got our sliding doors replaced with french doors. French_doors (I didn't quite get the before-picture, so I got a during-picture with the doors off.) I LOVE them!! Our sliding door had become a nightmare...I could never find a window covering I liked. We had gone from a curtain, to verticals, to mini blinds, and back to a curtain. All of which I had hated. And then it was so hard to slide, that Kent and Kurt couldn't do it by themselves. So now, I'm happy. Lots of new things happening at our house in the coming month or so...

Update on scraproom: I've gone through all the white trash bags, boxes, drawer units, et al and gotten everything up on the shelves. Still LOTS of organizing to do, but I'll have to put that off until the end of January. I'm yearbook chairman for the elementary school and I have to get 32 pages done before January 23 - good thing it's all digital! Plus do all my CHA assignments. So the further organization will have to wait. To redeem myself from my huge mess you all saw, I'll post a photo of the room so far in a few days.

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