Sep 19, 2006

It's Soccer Time!

Time for fall soccer again. Kent and Kurt have been playing soccer with the same little group (there are 3 boys and 3 girls) for 4 years now. Each year it gets more fun to watch as they improve their skills.

During practice last week, one of the trainers told Kent he couldn't wear his sunglasses while playing. The thought being that if a ball hit them, they might shatter/break and injure his eye. Um...ya know...I'm doubting those $5.99 plastic Power Ranger sunglasses are going to "shatter" dude. Anyway, I had to speak to the league director and tell her that he probably won't play if he can't wear sunglasses. He simply has very sensitive eyes and will not step outside without them. He's been wearing them since he was about 2 years old. I finally convinced her that we would get him some "sport" sunglasses and take full responsibility if they "shatter."

Well, Saturday morning arrives and we forgot to get them! So DH pulls out these adult sunglasses and says "wear these" so Kent did. They only popped apart once during the game. :/ Since then I bought him another pair that look pretty sport-like (all black), with a strap that goes around his head. In reality, they are just $5.99 plastic Target ones, with a $1.99 strap. Hee. Fall_soccer_0916_kurt Fall_soccer_0916_kent

While I'm still having lots of trouble getting good football photos, the soccer ones are turning out pretty well and I'm happy.

Tonight we begin baseball with Wyatt, with his first game. In fact, tonight we also have a football game for Grant, plus soccer practice for Kent and Kurt. They all start at 6pm. I need a clone. Or two.

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