Sep 20, 2006

A good night...or my boys ROCK!

Wyatt_baseball_20060919_homerun See that...that bat in motion? It's in motion for a home run! Yes! Wyatt's first game last night...first time at bat and he hit a home run! I was SO excited and so was he. Wyatt had a really great game last night all the way around - several hits, RBI's and perfect fielding. He got game ball from the coach after the game. Wonderful start to the season and a real confidence boost for him.

Last night DH and I had to split up - I went to Wyatt's game and he went to Grant's football game. DH missed out on a great game, but I did too. Grant played most of the 4th quarter and had a great tackle on the opposing player who had the ball. Grant hit him and he dropped the ball. It was so great that when he came back in from the play, all the players were congratulating him. After the game everyone was talking about it. The defensive coach told Grant it was the best hit of the night. :) I'm so sorry I missed it! But also very happy for him and that his dad was there to see it.

On a side is the 20th anniversary of DH and I going on our first date. Anyone else celebrate that? We went to TGIFriday's (now we frequent a different one with our boys) and then bar-hopping. I think he liked me because I could hold my liquor so well. Can't do that nowadays, but back then...ahh, those were the days. ;)

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