Sep 7, 2006

I crashed CE

Creative Escape, Heidi Swapp's event of course! Today I went over to The Pointe at Squaw Peak to pick up my pal Alannah who is attending the Creative Escape and go to lunch and just hang out a bit. First of all, the resort is just exquisite. It's been a few years since I had been there so that was a treat just being there. The event, though...just the tiny, tiny bit I got to see, was magnificent! Heidi truly thought of everything! Even the room keys were custom-made for Creative Escape! I went with Alannah to the store that Scrapbooks, Etc. had set up there and then we went over to get her registered. And that's where I felt like a part of the party! So many old friends I hadn't seen in a while! I just stood around and pretended like I was supposed to be there. Alannah even gave me some of her stuff to hold so that it looked like I was registered. Hee.

Everything was pink and green, of course! Lots of flowers around. There were 13 collectible buttons for sale - $1 each. (You can sort of see them on Heidi's lanyard in the photo below.) By the time we got up to buy them, 3 had sold out. Alannah was sweet enough to buy me one that read "It's a DRY heat Escape" and all the others were just as cute and clever! Before I left, someone with one of the sold-out 3 sold it for $20! LOL

As always, loved catching up with Heidi a bit...she says I "need" to hold her baby soon. (No Capri was not in attendance - Heidi might be insane hosting an huge event a month after she gave birth, but she's not THAT crazy! LOL) Ce_sm_1 So much fun that they probably would have had to kick me out if it hadn't been for Grant calling to say he was sick. That cut my time short and I had to go home. Maybe next time (if there is one), I'll attend it for real.

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