Feb 11, 2006

Football: tackle

I've been putting off blogging about this for a while. I was going to wait until his first game so I could put up some pictures. But, I think it's time.

My boy...my baby boy...my first-born...my sweet, smart, little child is.....playing TACKLE football! *SOB* I honestly thought I would never allow any of my sons to play tackle. None of them have ever really begged to do it, although I have always known it was Grant's wish.

But then, at high school orientation a few weeks ago, Grant and I found ourselves standing at the crowded sports sign-up table in the gym. As I looked over the sign-up sheets I would ask him "how about basketball or track?" as I prayed...please let it be track...or volleyball...or badminton..or...as he shook his head solomnly, No, to each sport. He is then eyeing the football sheet and I look at him...and step back ...and tell him I'm going out of the crowd back into the open gym...he can decide for himself.

So he came out of the crowd with a grin on his face..."did you sign up for football?" and he nods in quiet satisfaction. And I just nod back at him, knowing it's the right time to let him...and say a little prayer for God to keep a shield of protection around him. No, a big bubble, or wait, one of those force fields that Violet in The Incredibles does. Yes, that's what I pray for.

As soon as we get home that night, things get in motion. DH and I decide he should get in a football league right now, to see if he likes it and give him some experience before high school football.

Fast forward to today...he has been practicing for a few weeks and comes home looking like this Grant_fball_pants or worse. He plays a lineman, so he gets to tackle a lot. He's been sacking the quarterback a lot. And today the other boys on the team told him he was the best "hitter" on the team. *SOB* again. I ask him repeatedly..."has the coach taught you the proper way to tackle?" and I finish in my head... so you don't get hurt...and he says, for the umpteenth time "yes mom, I know how to tackle."

But I still worry and still pray for... Pfd1449_1

First game is February 25. *little sob*

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