Feb 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been a nice day here! Valentine's Day isn't always great for me, but this year it's been perfect, so far. Last night I told DH I was buying him a Jacuzzi tub for Valentine's Day. It was on his list of home improvements to make, but wasn't high on mine, so as other things became more important, it slipped off. I had been saving up my scrapping money to buy a new digital SLR, but decided that he, and the whole family, could get more use out of a tub. (see post "football; tackle" below ;) ) This morning I came down to my office to find a shopping bag from a jewelry store on my desk. I really hadn't expected him to get me anything, so I was totally surprised! When I called him to thank him, I asked him why he didn't wait to give it to me in person tonight. He said he didn't want me to think he ran out to get something today after I told him about the tub. Hah. He knows me so well. ;)

This afternoon I helped out in Kent and Kurt's classroom for their Valentine's Party. I was in charge of the hat-making center. It can't get any cuter than this: Vdaykk1

Tonight we are staying in and ordering Chinese food. We went to a Chinese food restaurant on our first Valentine's Day 19 years ago. I think we'll just get the boys fast food. ;)

And of course...American Idol tonight! Can't wait!! Remember, final 24 are revealed tomorrow night (I've already found a spoiler list with the names on it) and next week FIVE hours of AI! We'll all be hooked for sure by then!

Hope all my friends and family are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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