Jan 24, 2006

Multiplicity and High School

Ever seen the movie Multiplicity - you know, the one with Michael Keaton? Sometimes I wish there was more than one of me! Right now...I am SO wishing I was going to CHA! I read things like on Alannah's Blog and think...gosh, I could be there! I could be working in the AF booth and doing make-n-takes for CI and having a Beach Memories Drink (whatever that is!) tooooo. *sigh*

But I hate leaving my family. It's hard on them, it's hard on me. I miss things when I'm gone...things that don't happen again. And I hate that. I feel completely torn in two...so can there just be another of me so that I can go to CHA and stay home???

On another note...Grant and I went to high school orientation last night. HIGH SCHOOL!!!! I about had a panic attack in the auditorium as I listened to the StuCo president talk about how much he loved his HS years, thinking about Grant being that old. I too was one of the lucky ones who loved HS. I hope Grant is also. I worry about him though...he is eligible for the gifted program and has stacked his schedule with all advanced placement, honors, or accelerated classes. He doesn't have one fluff class. He seems confident he can do it. I need to be confident too. Confident...but I'll still worry.

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