Sep 7, 2009

A Month of School and Doctors

I thought I was going to be so much better at keeping up my blog since I went to all the trouble to move it from Typepad. But Facebook is making me ignore it. Oops.

So school started a month ago. Since then we've had doctor visits galore. Wyatt started out the first day of school with a wicked cough. His asthma always makes everything worse, so after 4 days of school and football practice he was barely hanging on. "Mom, my ear hurts" - oh into the doctor the first Friday of the school year - ear and sinus infections, plus not getting 100% oxygen. Yikes - and he's been practicing football in 110 degree weather! By Monday, he was not better, so back to the doctor we go. More antibiotics and steroids for his breathing. Finally by Thursday he was back at practice again.

Just in time for....Grant to get a groin injury. So into the sports medicine doc, then leaving with instructions to hold back on football practice so it doesn't get worse. That works for about one day and he is back full time. Still icing it and it's been a couple of weeks. In the meantime, last week we are at the regular doctor...infected ingrown toenail. OUCH!! On antibiotics, but if it doesn't get better, he will need surgery.

Fortunately through all of this, neither of them missed a full day of school, just a few periods for doctor visits.

Kent and Kurt have already had colds and coughs, but nothing to keep them out of school. Those germs in school just seem to find their way!

Here's to hoping the worst is over for the next few months!

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