Sep 12, 2009

Corona del Sol on 9/11

I'm so proud of how our high school commemorated 9/11 this year. The day started out with the football team meeting at the school flagpole at 7am for a ceremony. Unfortunately, Grant did not tell me this would be televised. :/ So I didn't see it.

For the Varsity game that night, Mike Pollak of the Indianapolis Colts, who played football at this school, donated camouflage jerseys to the team. How cool is that!! So the school ran with that and other companies/parents got together and donated the money to have camouflage t-shirts and hats made to sell to the entire school. Since the jerseys will only be worn once, the parents had the option to buy their son's jersey. Which we did. All proceeds from the sale of the jerseys, t-shirts, and hats go to The Wounded Warrior Project which helps the most severely injured US soldiers. A great cause!

The game started out, of course, with the National Anthem and the team standing at the end of the field holding an American Flag. That's Grant, second from the left. After the song was over, the team took off running, with the flag holder in front! It was an awesome sight! But of course, my photo came out blurry so I didn't capture it (it is incredibly difficult to get action shots with the field lighting).

Not only did the players have camouflage jerseys, but the coaches had shirts:

And the cheerleaders and pommies had shirts (cheerleader shirts had gold glitter letters and pommies shirts had white glittery letters)

And many in the crowd had camo shirts too! (sorry, no crowd shot)
In the end, we lost the game, which was tough since it was such a special night. I caught Grant on his way to the locker room (he's number 4). He can't wait to get his jersey (the school is washing them) and hang it up on the wall in his room!

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