Aug 22, 2007

The Pool is Finished!

...ok, well, it was finished 2 weeks ago, but I haven't had a chance to update this thing. We've been having a blast swimming though! It's really a great family activity - many nights all 6 of us are out there swimming and chatting. Weekends usually find us with a few extra kids around, but it's so nice having them here instead of my boys at someone else's house swimming - after all, that was the point of building it! So here's what you see when you walk out our door: Finished_pool_bb the basketball hoop has already gotten a ton of use! This is definitely a pool for big kids though - our shallow end is neither very shallow or very big. It starts sloping into the deep end fairly quickly. We do have a large Baja step though that you can sit or lie on. Here's a few more pics - it's not as small as it looks though. ;) New_pool004_sm New_pool001_sm

And a couple of the boys in it: Finished_pool_kurt Finished_pool_splash As you can see, we still have work to do in the yard. We pretty much tore out the whole backyard when we started this project. The next step is installing a sport court and getting the grass and rocks installed because right now, it's gets kind of muddy out there! More pics of the process will be put in the photo album soon...

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