Aug 9, 2007

Back in School!

Yes, school has already started here! August 6 was the first day for all 4 boys. Summer went by so fast! I was very happy with the teacher Kent and Kurt (3rd grade) got, plus the "pod" Wyatt (7th grade) got into was the one I requested - very happy about that! Grant (sophomore/10th) has a huge workload this year - all honors classes with Advanced PE. I still haven't figured out just what makes the PE class advanced, but it's taught by the head football coach and that's all that matters - the class is full of football players! Firstdayofschool_1 Firstdayofschool_3 Firstdayofschool_2

Now, if I can just figure out how to slow things down so that this year doesn't whooosh by like last year.

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