Aug 16, 2006

I went back to high school

...last night. It was curriculum night at Grant's high school. I had to follow his schedule to meet all the teachers. This high school is huge - about 3000 students. I went to a private, Catholic high school that had about 150 students TOTAL. So this reminded me more of college (yes, my college was bigger than 3000! GO K-State Wildcats!), than high school.

I was nervous. I didn't know my way around campus and was so anxious to find a map. Did Grant have a map the first day? Of course not! And he wasn't even nervous or anything, and he wasn't going to be embarrassed by being seen with a map!

As I walked up to the school there were student helpers handing out maps - YAY! I take one and I'm looking at it, going...huh? when I hear student helper #1 say to student helper #2 "wouldn't it be funny if someone asked us to, like, highlight the classrooms they need to go to?" I stopped in my tracks...and did a 180. "Yes, I would like you to highlight my classes!" Student helper #1 got all giggly and reached into her purse for a highlighter. OK! One less thing to figure out. It was hilarious seeing all these hundreds of parents walking around with their eyes glued to the map. And no one was the least bit embarrassed!

I got to my first class 1/2 hour early. (What a nerd!) As I was waiting for class, I decided to jot down my thoughts (yes, I brought a notebook (nerd!)). My first thought...I'm SO happy to be out of school! OK, so I've been out for something-ty years, but I was still glad it wasn't me having to really go to class. I could almost feel the jitters of the first day of school...clueless about your classes: where they were, were your friends in there, was the teacher going to be nice. So much to worry about. Once again...glad it's not me! :)

So, it lasted about 2 hours and this is what I learned:

  1. Grant does a lot of walking up and down the stairs to get to his classes and has no time to go to the bathroom. (I really shouldn't have had all that water before I went.)

  2. His drama teacher (his only "fluff" class) has 5 children and looks like Jack Black.

  3. Grant has 3 classes where he is one of 2 or 3 freshmen and the rest are sophomores and juniors.
  4. His spanish teacher talks like a Valley Girl. I mean, like, really, she does.

  5. When you put a lit candle in a bowl of water and then put a beaker over it, it goes out, the water rises, and condensation forms on the inside of the beaker. (Yes, the biology teacher really did do an experiment for us.)

  6. His algebra teacher was a cute little guy who stopped talking to say "Bless you" every time someone sneezed (3 times).

  7. AND...I really, REALLY love my life, just as it is. Done with school, done with my first career, and now just being a mom and watching my boys go through some of the most wonderful times of their lives. (Was that too mushy? I'm usually not too mushy. ;) )

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