Aug 7, 2006

1st Day of School

Today started at 5am for me. Somehow, my alarm clock got set an hour ahead and I didn't realize it until I had already showered and woken up Grant, thinking it was 6:30, but instead it was 5:30. I rushed back upstairs and told Grant to go back to sleep. Oops!

The boys all got to school, with only a couple of glitches. Wyatt forgot his lunch (but I caught him at the bus stop, where he got thoroughly embarrassed, even though I tried to be discreet) and Grant text-messaged me, while I was at school with Kent and Kurt, wanting to know his locker combination. Oy. I am seriously all thumbs when it comes to text-messaging so by the time I had sent him "in folders" meaning it's in his folder inside his backpack, he had gotten it open.

So I went to the Freedom Lunch figuring we had pulled off the morning fairly successfully, and was drinking a margarita by 11am. It was only in conversation with the other 6th grade moms that I suddenly realized that I sent Wyatt to school without his schedule! Ack! Serious, serious mom-guilt overtook me (and was enhanced by the margarita) and I could not think of anything else after that. I knew he knew where his first 2 classes were and I just prayed that they got another schedule in first period. I worried about it all day and felt so bad for being so diligent with getting Grant's affairs in order that I skipped something important for Wyatt. That poor middle child! So I was practically pacing the floor waiting for him to get home from school, just waiting for him to say it was all my fault that he was humiliated today, that he had been wandering aimlessly, that he'd never forgive me...

A few minutes later, he walked through the door, all confident and acting mature. I said "Wyatt, I forgot to give you your schedule this morning!!!!!! What did you do? Did they give you another one? Did you find your classes? Did you get lost?????" And he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "No, I had my schedule memorized, so I didn't need it."


So they all had great days, and are back in the swing of things already.

Unfortunately my photo of all 4 of them was blurry, so I don't have one to post. Think I could get them to dress in all the same clothes another day so I can re-create it?

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