Jul 19, 2006

Back from the beach...

Had a great time in San Diego.

Bad news...turns out both of my lenses didn't work for my new Rebel, so I got very few good photos. Thank goodness I took my point-n-shoot camera along!

Some highlights...

We all enjoyed boogie-boarding. Kk_1_sm_1 We toured the WWII Midway Aircraft Carrier at Seaport Village. Flags The USS Reagan had just returned from Iraq and was across the bay from us. So cool to see that! Ussreagan We also went to SeaWorld, which Kent and Kurt definitely loved. Shamu

Glad to be home; glad to have carpet under our feet; glad to have air conditioning; glad to have a comfy sofa to sprawl on; and DH is definitely glad to have a nice TV to watch. Miss the bike rides; miss the cool weather; miss the ocean; and wish I had gone boogie-boarding more than one day.

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