May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Being a mother who lives far away from my own mother turns me rather selfish. Mother's Day becomes all about ME and how my family treats me. But today I got an email from my sister, who is also a mother. A mother whose 2 daughters are grown and moved away for now. My sister is not only a great mother, but a great daughter, so what is she doing today? Taking our mother to a casino (the happy pastime of an newly widowed woman in her eighties nowadays), cooking dinner for her and planting flowers in her flowerbed. My other sister will help with the planting. What do I do? I can only send money for the flowers. Easy for me. But sad that I can't be there helping my sisters honor our mother. I'll call her later and hear how her day went...if she won any money at the casino, how was dinner, do the flowers look pretty? But it's not the same as being there. So Happy Mother's Day Mom... Cha05_mother_2 from 1300 miles away...

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