Mar 2, 2006

Football...the first game

They were big! And they were mean! And they were loud and obnoxious as all get out.  Talking about the other team, of course.  This is an 8-on-8 league and that other team was Pop Warner all the way.  We have 15 guys on our team, they had 25!  They were the Longhorns and they had a cowbell! (I said obnoxious, right?)  Their coach was a loud-mouth jerk living out his football aspirations through his son.  (Aren't I good at figuring everything out in just an hour?)

But we were tough and we hung in there.  Grant did AWESOME!  He had to play offense instead of defense because of another player's injury.  The coach said he did everything he needed to do and was very impressed and would never have guessed it was his first game.

I'll leave you with a couple of blurry photos (must get that new camera!)...Grant is the one in the blue socks.  Block1 Block2

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