Feb 25, 2006

And we're OFF!

Busy, busy day today...Wyatt's last baseball game (for this league, Little League starts up immediately) and BBQ and Grant's first *sob* football game. I'm already getting jittery nervous about it. I think I'll keep my rosary in my hand the whole time. All you moms of football players...any advice?

Tomorrow we are headed to.......DISNEYLAND! We'll be there until Tuesday. I'm already having panics attacks worrying that I have to tape both AI and the premiere of The Amazing Race (any TAR fans reading this?) on Tuesday night. Crossing my fingers that all both the DVR and the VCR I'll have programmed works!

Oh, and the bootees on AI? Only sad about Patrick...I was hoping he would make the Top 12. He suffered from going first and having neither a great nor a horrible performance and so was unmemorable.

I might try to post again after Grant's game...but if not...see you all on Wednesday!

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