Jan 2, 2006

My Sister, the Artist

I don't consider myself an artist. I have an accouting degree for goodness sakes! Yes, after my 15 years as a computer analyst, I did take up a creative venture, but an artist? No, not me. Now, my sister Tricia, she is an artist. She is also married to an artist. They both have more creativity in their pinkie fingernails than I do, or ever will have in my whole body and my whole life.

Today I want to just show you what she has been doing lately...found-object art. She collects junk and turns it into art. I have been on walks with her where we picked up junk along the way and she has been known to crawl into dumpsters at construction sites looking for metal and other bits and pieces. Tricia can find just about anything and see it with a totally different eye from most people and that is what makes her a great artist. Recently she has been making angels for a non-profit organization to sell and raise money for their children's program. Here's one of them and if you are interested in seeing more, go here Spiva Center for the Arts. Angel_7_sm14_2 This isn't a sales pitch because they are selling about as quickly as she can make them.

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