Feb 5, 2012

My Office Photo Border

When we built our house I was telecommuting from the electric company I worked for so we needed an office space for me. This room has always been an office, but also part guest room, and at one time a full scraproom. Several years ago my dad and I painted it when he was visiting, but I needed something for a border along the top. I was heavy into scrapbooking at the time and had lots of double prints of photos. So I came up with the idea of a photo border. 

The border is made up of 4x6 photos and  4x10 photos (typical size of a panoramic photo). I used duplicate photos I already had, plus I also took a set of of panoramics where I went around the house and shot favorite objects inside and outside the house. For example, part of a quilt, our front door, piano keys, trees outside, plus I took some panoramics of the boys. 

Then I used navy blue cardstock and cut it to about 5 inches wide. I ran all the cardstock through my Xyron, then also stapled it to the top of the wall. Then I ran all of the photos through the Xyron and just centered them on the cardstock and on top of the staples. They stuck really well. 

My office doesn't have all this craft stuff in it anymore, especially since I now digi-scrap. But I do still have my shelf of old toys. The photo border cost about $50 for the photo printing, cardstock, and Xyron usage. And so far so good...it has not fallen off!

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  1. I've hung scrapbook pages but I've never thought about making a border out of photos. Great idea!