Jan 15, 2012

At the Phoenix Suns Game

I've only been to 2 Phoenix Suns games. I'm not a huge fan of theirs, so I must have a big incentive to go. Several years ago we ended up getting Senator John McCain's tickets the day after Christmas. Greg worked with the wife of McCain's Chief of Staff and I guess no one else wanted those tickets! :) It was pretty sweet - we sat in the front row floor seats and had access to the Courtside Club under the stands where we got all the free food and drinks we wanted, and got to hang out with the Suns players. 

The game was on TV but we happened to be in a spot where the cameras never reached (that's probably why McCain's seats were there). However with 2 minutes to go, a player from the other team fell on the guy next to me, so the cameras caught it, and us on TV. We were taping the game at home so we were able to see ourselves. I had no pictures of this experience because Greg wouldn't let me bring a camera, so I paused the game on TV when we were shown, and took a photo of the TV. Yep, I go to extremes to document our lives.

This past Thursday night we had another unique opportunity to see a Suns' game. Greg's partner has a client who works for the Suns and he was able to get us a suite for free to watch the game.  

It holds 16 people, so we let the boys bring friends.

And then his partner invited several friends also. Including her boyfriend's sister who was on The Bachelor, but got kicked off the first show. 

The Suns lost (they aren't that good this year), but it was a fun way to watch the game. I told Greg, next time try to score Loge seats - you get a free buffet with those!!  ;)


  1. I LOL'd when I saw the photo of the TV on the layout - I love that idea :) I'm glad you were recording it :)

  2. I have been to one Sun's game...but never with free food or good seats. Maybe those perks would make it worth going again.

  3. How fun! Those perks always make games so much more fun!