Jul 4, 2007

Shotcrete and Waterfall...

Last week we had the shotcrete done - kind of a fascinating process. At 5am the workers arrived and began pounding and pounding. As I lie in bed, I couldn't figure out what in the heck they were pounding! I'm sure the neighbors were LOVING us that morning. Turns out the workers were pounding stakes into the ground all around the perimeter of the pool so they could surround it with a tarp. Shotecrete3_sm I was intrigued, yet disappointed that I couldn't see what they were doing! Fortunately at one point they took down part of it so I could peek in. Shotcrete1_sm They were done by about 10am! Now it was our turn - for the last 5 days we've had to water the pool down about every 2 hours (not at night). That was to ensure the concrete didn't cure too quickly and result in a lot of cracks. However, since the temps have been extremely high (115+), I'm sure it cured quicker than normal. We still did our job though and I don't see many cracks. After it was partly dry, we all got to finally walk down into the pool. Shotcrete_005_sm_2

Monday, the rock waterfall was installed. Right now it looks like a big pile of rocks! But it will be beautiful once it's running (and yes, that big pipe will be cut off!) with plants around it. Waterfall_2_sm

The next step is the decking. I'll be so glad to get some of the mess around there cleaned up!

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