Nov 28, 2006

A River Adventure

One of Kent and Kurt's favorite things to do is go to a nearby creek. Creek_kurtThey call it a "river" but it is indeed a creek. There are a few fish in it and some ducks, but what they really like to see is crayfish.Creekcrawdad Or "crawdads" is what I always called them. This time of year though, you don't really see many of them. At least not alive. But that doesn't stop the boys. They gather up all the parts and pieces they can find and put them in ziploc bags to take home. Oh joy. Creek_ziploc They usually take them to school the next day to show their classmates.

We always see some interesting things at the river. This time we saw a big bird. Now, I'm not a bird expert, so I don't know what it was, but Kent and Kurt insisted it was a pelican, so I had to agree. Even though we are a state away from the ocean. And it didn't have a big beak. And there is no point to it being at a creek...errrr, river, because the fish are like 3 inches long. In any case, we were able to creep up enough for me to zoom in on it right before it flew away. Creekbird

However, the most thrilling thing for me was the siting of the very rare Kent-outside-without-sunglasses-guy and I was able to snap a photo right before he put the glasses back on. No one has been able to capture a photo like this for at least 5 years. Creekkent

This past Sunday was the last time we will travel to the river for a while, as it's finally turned "cold" here (and I use that loosely...just means I must wear socks). When it warms back up (oh, say like in February), I'm sure we will be back over there looking for those live crawdads. Eww.

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