Jun 10, 2006

End of School Update

OK, so school has been out for 2 weeks...and summer school is already in session, but I'm going to update anyway... ;)

Last week of school brought the 1st grade picnic with Kent and Kurt. We lucked out because instead of it being insanely hot, it was wildy windy. 1st_grade_party_sm_1 Then came the 5th grade party, held at a local amusement-type park. It was nice to be able to stay for the whole day with Wyatt. 5th_grade_fiddlesticks_wyatt_1

That week was also Wyatt's baseball tournament. I was lucky and for once had the camera in the right place at the right time. Wyatt was playing 2nd base and a line drive was hit to him. He caught it about 4 inches off the ground for an out. I caught that moment in a photo - the ball is in his glove. Can't wait to scrap this one! Wyattscatch_05232006_1 Grant then graduated from 8th grade. Promotion_dance_051906_grant Middle school was awesome for him - straight A's and he is going into high school with credits for 3 classes. We are so proud!

We ended the school year with a neighborhood pool party which has been our tradition for the past 6 years. Last_day_of_school_1
Now, summer school is in session. Grant is taking high school PE so he doesn't have to take it during the school year. Five hours of PE 4 days a week for 4 weeks! Wyatt is taking 4 fun classes like archery, law & criminal order, aviation, and computer web design. That leaves Kent and Kurt at home with me in the mornings. Reminds me of before they went to school and I'm enjoying the alone time with them immensely. The rest of our days are taken up by friends galore. So far, a fun, but very busy summer!

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